Fitness: Workouts Under 30 Minutes

I am too busy... We have all heard it and we have all said it, since it is the number one excuse people find to not exercise. Going to the gym for thirty minutes or less isn’t very motivating. I mean, what kind of a workout can you get in half an hour? It turns out, you can get an excellent one. I found several exercise programs, all of which I can do on those days “I’m too busy,” all of which give my body that much needed burn. The best part is, it’s like having a personal trainer in my very own home.


Power Yoga with Bryan Kest

Yogis travel from all over the world to train with Bryan Kest, and now, you can train with him in the comfort of your living room. His website offers an infinite library of classes as well as on demand and live streaming. Whether you want a restorative stretch or a power packed 30 minute session, there is an array of options offered on his website.



Do you want to sculpt your arms or tone your core? Blogilates offers a video for that. Casey Ho is the founder of this video blog, and Fitness Magazine named her the Best Healthy Living Blogger of 2012. Her website offers quick yet challenging ways to get into shape through her POP Pilates program. She’s fun and energetic and very motivating to work out with.


Burn SF

Pilates combined with light weights and bursts of cardio equals an extreme thirty minutes. Lisa Corsello, founder of Burn SF, packs her half hour video with a complete workout. This is high intensity, as are her popular classes in the Bay Area. A single class at her studio is $20, but you can experience her for free on YouTube.


Physique 57

Physique 57 offers great online mat and barre classes, many of which are 30 minutes or less, yet the benefits are those of an hour long class. They also offer a Get Fit Quick class that focuses on concentrated body sculpting moves that a lot of busy celebrities use to get Red Carpet ready.

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