Healthy Snacks For On The Go Health Nuts

My lifestyle requires me to spend more time out and about than in my home, and many of my meals are consumed in my car. Since I'm continually on the go, I get hungry throughout the day. It’s tempting to munch on whatever is in front of me, but that typically isn’t healthy. Instead, I always carry around snacks that are not only satisfying, but good for me as well. And most of them I make at home, so I know exactly what goes into them.



Chia seeds were used by the ancient Aztecs for their energizing and healing powers. They are filled with omega 3 fatty acids and protein and filled with fiber. Add two tablespoons to a bottle of juice or water, or for a chia pudding, simply add the seeds to a cup of almond milk with a little vanilla, cinnamon and sweetener and let it sit until the mild is absorbed. This is a healthy snack even my kids love.


Roasted Pepitas

Pumpkin seeds are not just for Halloween. They are packed with zinc and vitamin C and have great antioxidant benefits. I buy raw pepitas and roast them for a few minutes at 400 degrees in a little oil and sea salt. Be sure to watch them carefully since they brown quickly. I always keep a baggie of these in my purse, but I must warn, they can be addicting.


Trail Mix

The number of calories in store bought trail mix can be astounding, so I always make my own. Mix raw almonds, shredded coconut, dried banana slices and cocoa nibs, or any of your favorite fruits and nuts. Add a little nutmeg or paprika to spice it up. Just be cautious when using dried fruits, since they can add to a high sugar content.


Protein Balls

Protein balls are my favorite snack when I know I’m going to need energy throughout the day. Just add ¾ cup of oats, ¾ cup of vanilla protein powder, ½ cup peanut butter and 2 Tbsp honey. Roll the mixture into little balls and refrigerate. Sometimes, on those especially exhausting days, I may add a few mini dark chocolate chips.

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